About Market Ed China

A unique amalgam of marketing skills & experience, Western & Chinese, private & public sector, client & agency. As a sister company of Market Me China, Market Ed China specialises in helping Western universities achieve their goals in China.

Senior Team

Fenghua Mo (Sammi)

David Miller

Head of Marketing, University of Exeter
Formerly at Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & BBDO
Previous clients include Ford, BP, Cadbury, Diageo, NatWest, Toyota, ebay, and University of Southern California.

Fenghua Mo (Sammi)

Fenghua Mo (Sammi)

Formerly Chinese government university lecturer, now China online marketer. Previous clients include AOL, University of Exeter, Falmouth University, University of Southern California and Research Square.

Fenghua Mo (Sammi)

Darren Stevens

Masters in Art & Multimedia. Website developer UK, Europe, USA & China. China clients include University of Exeter,University of Southern California, Best Western and Yangtze Law.

  • We offer a comprehensive one-stop bespoke client service, driven by a clear understanding of individual university objectives.

  • We aim to be a long-term marketing business partner for our clients, with a shared agenda and a highly collaborative working relationship.

Our Skills

What skills do we bring together?

  • Senior client-side UK Russell Group university marketing experience

  • A real understanding of Chinese student decision-making, the trade-offs they make, why some use agents and some choose to apply directly

  • Highly-skilled Baidu campaign set-up and management, with constant refinement & regular client reporting

  • In-depth Chinese digital, & social media skills – Chinese nationals

  • Chinese website design & build, local hosting & SEO. Building local direct application platforms for ease of Chinese student use

  • Chinese translation & copywriting – website copy, press releases, Wechat / Weibo content & Youku movie sub-titling