Higher Education Marketing in China

  • Higher Education Consulting

    We will advise you on how to to market your overall university brand in China. We will help you decide which programmes to promote. We can help you differentiate them for the Chinese market. We will ensure that you give prominence to your university’s ranking, country and global. And that you understand the importance of enhanced employability by featuring testimonials from Chinese alumni.

  • Baidu PPC

    Baidu PPC is a fast effective way of driving highly qualified student traffic to your Chinese site. Accelerating traffic volumes. Bringing your brand to the attention of students. We are an accredited Baidu marketing partner, and can advise on developing the most cost-efficient Baidu PPC strategy.

  • Chinese website design

    We bring our knowledge of the Chinese student mind-set and their preferred user experience when developing your new Chinese website. We will negotiate to buy a Chinese domain name on your behalf. We will arrange for local hosting, probably in Hong Kong, so your site downloads in seconds, not minutes.

  • Higher Education Marketing on Chinese social media

    Social media in the PRC is incredibly vibrant. Much more sophisticated than what we are used to in the West. It’s important that you use the full potential of Wechat, Weibo and Youku especially, and forget any idea that they are copies of Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube.

  • Baidu SEO

    A refined Baidu SEO plan will drive high quality student traffic to your site. Growing your university’s visibility and conversions. Helping Chinese students find you and connect with you. Chinese students expect to be able to find Western universities on Baidu. They’re not the most patient so those universities that are easily found give themselves a significant competitive advantage.

  • Chinese Online PR

    The Chinese trust an authoritative voice. So Chinese PR ensures that your university is referred to and implicitly endorsed by reputable bodies and media within China. So if you want to be successful in Chinese higher education marketing, the selective use of online PR is an important element of the marketing mix.