Baidu PPC

Baidu is China’s leading search engine
with over 50% of the market.

Baidu PPC is more effective in China

Baidu PPC (Pay per Click) advertising is a fast effective way of driving highly qualified student traffic to your Chinese site. And our clients find that is is much more effective than PPC in the West. Used as a complement to SEO organic search, PPC is used as a way of accelerating traffic volumes. It can help your brand to the attention of students who had previously never considered you. We have used Baidu PPC with clients who briefed us always to be on page one of search results. But who also demanded high click through rates (CTR) and high dwell times. This is a quality game, not just a numbers game.

Continuous improvement is our ethos

Baidu PPC daily/weekly performance data identifies the keywords and terms that deliver clicks and conversions. We know the keywords and terms that Chinese students search for on Baidu. We know which work, and which don’t. We even know the best times of day to advertise. So we hit the ground running –¬†and then together with our clients, we learn from there. This will enable us to minimise any initial wastage chasing words and phrases that are irrelevant within China.

You will need an Accredited Baidu Marketing Partner

Market Ed China is an experienced and Accredited Baidu Marketing Partner. We would set up a Baidu account on your university’s behalf and then, working with you, run a highly optimised PPC advertising campaign.

Regular Reporting is key

We provide regular Baidu PPC reports, recommending improvements on a continuous basis. Our goal would be to deliver the highest levels of quality traffic at the lowest possible cost per click. Delivering the most effective conversion ratios. And helping you achieve the highest number of quality applications.