Chinese Website Design

Your official Chinese website will become the
hub of your marketing strategy in China.

Your digital hub in China

Working with you, we would either develop a new official Chinese website design, or a localised version of your current site. Having your own official university website with a .cn domain name is critically important in building trust with Chinese students and their parents. Your official Chinese website will become the hub of your marketing strategy in China.

Create Chinese website content

The content on your Chinese website has to reflect Chinese students/parental priorities, motivations and concerns. Building their trust, developing the beginnings of a relationship. Your university’s competitive points of difference vs other universities must be strongly communicated. We will assist you to develop the localised content.

How are you different?

Chinese students complain that so many Western universities look the same. Since there are so many universities competing for students in China, we will advise on brand & programme differentiation. Students want to know what makes you different and distinctive. Both the university but also the particular programme they are contemplating. We will ensure that your Chinese website is Baidu SEO-friendly with a local .cn domain name, as a distinct identifier for China.

We will bring our knowledge of the Chinese student mind-set and their preferred user experience to the table when developing your new Chinese siteĀ – maximizing the content in Mandarin for parents even more than for the students themselves.

The answer is yes. Now what’s the question?

We provide a complete range of Chinese website design services. Including design & development, translation, localisation, domain registration and hosting. In fact, everything you need to get started. We would host your new Chinese website in Hong Kong, to minimise download time from within the PRC. We would add movies hosted on Youku. And then we would drive traffic to your site using PPC and/or an active presence on Chinese social media.