Higher Education Consulting

We can help you understand their mindset.
Their motivations. Their expectations.

At Market Ed China, we provide our clients with a wide range of higher education consulting services. We help you decide which programmes to promote. How to differentiate them for the Chinese market. Just as importantly, how to differentiate your university, and your location. What is really different and distinctive about your university and your individual programmes?

Too often, Chinese students tell us that Western universities all sound the same as each other. We’ll advise you when to use Mandarin. When to use English. Chinese students don’t want everything to be in Mandarin, though their parents will often do.

Numbers and Feelings

We have the numbers. Where Chinese students choose to study internationally, and what they choose to study. We can help you understand their mindset. Their motivations. Their expectations. Their concerns. And how they go about making their dreams come to fruition. For many, this will be their first time abroad. It’s a serious investment for their parents. And a huge decision for both them and their parents.

They will want to know about food & accommodation. They will trust your current Chinese students and alumni more than any representative of your university, academic or professional. So we will advise you on how to to maximise conversion using your existing Chinese students. And how to maximise the value of your alumni networks in China, using social media as well as events.

Quick Wins & Elephant Traps

We have developed successful partnerships with major universities on both sides of the Atlantic. We bring our knowledge and expertise to bear in advising our clients on how to market themselves more effectively in China. Higher education consulting in China requires local knowledge of needs and values. As well as an understanding of what Western universities can offer.

We can help you locate the quick wins and help you avoid the elephant traps. We build long-term relationships with our clients which is why we are only interested in a select few. The select few who buy into our comprehensive approach and are in this market for the long haul.