Chinese Social Media Marketing

Building your followers on Chinese social media platforms.

Forget Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube

They don’t exist in China. Instead there is a much more sophisticated range of indigenous social media. Youku is pretty much China’s YouTube. But WeChat and Weibo are more difficult to categorise. Your brand has to be present on all three channels. Why? Because this is how people in China communicate. WeChat alone has over 700,000,000 users and boasts features that Western users and marketers would die for. You can’t do business in China without an active presence on WeChat.

Develop your own accounts on WeChat, Weibo and Youku

Chinese social media marketing is critical because students will expect to be able to find your university on WeChat, Weibo and Youku. It’s important that you start developing an active presence, building your follower base in each of these media. Even more critical is regular posts –┬ásay two or three per week. Listing news, achievements, announcing visits by university personnel to China, attendance at Chinese fairs and more quality content your target Chinese students and parents would be interested.

Using Chinese social media marketing to grow engagement

Chinese social media marketing will build your brand recognition, grow engagement with your university , deliver news about your achievements and upcoming events, and drive traffic to your China website. An active presence will make you part of the Chinese educational scene. More a known brand. Less a strange foreigner.

Maximising conversion

You can use WeChat to maximise conversion, by setting up offer-holder groups of up to 500 each, where prospective students can talk to your existing Chinese students. You will be amazed how effective this can be. In our experience there is no more effective way of making prospective students more likely to enrol, than to give them easy access to previous and current Chinese students.

So cost-effective

Maintaining an active presence on WeChat, Weibo and Youku is highly cost-effective. We can either do it for you or work with a nominated Chinese national within your university.