Chinese PR

Chinese Online PR spreads Word of Mouth.

The Chinese trust an authoritative voice

The Chinese trust an authoritative voice, so a well-conceived online PR plan is just as important as an active social media presenceIt’s vital that your university is referred to and implicitly endorsed by reputable bodies and media within China. In this sense, it’s no so different to the West. It’s all about reputation, reputation, reputation. Always more about what others say about you than what you say about yourself. Making sure that your university is talked about and referred to in online news media will play an important role in making you known and therefore trusted.

Chinese PR spreads word of mouth

Chinese PR will help you grow peer to peer recommendations. And a growing reputation will drive higher levels of applications. Chinese students trust other Chinese students about your brand. More than any representative from your university, academic or professional services. There is real status in being referred to on a regular basis in online media – educational or otherwise.

Content is King

Universities are content-rich institutions, publishing their achievements and research breakthroughs on a daily/weekly schedule. How can you get your news published on the top Chinese media in education? We work with our clients to sift through their local press releases and news to decide what might be most relevant to a Chinese audience. We then create a regular programme of China PR news. Then we distribute them to a carefully selected number of appropriate online Chinese media.

Selective online media

Online PR in China should encompass a combination of national & educational media, together with sector portals and verticals. At Market Ed China, our Chinese online PR service will help give your university an authoritative and influential voice which is trusted and favoured by Chinese students and their parents.