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The top reasons why Chinese students study abroad

The New Oriental Education and Technology Group has forecast that the number of Chinese international students will increase over the next five years, peaking at up to 800,000 students annually. So what are the main reasons why Chinese students study abroad - and particularly in the UK? 1. Access to recognised education From Oxbridge through to [...]

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How to give your university an international competitive edge recruiting Chinese students

International students play a huge role in the stability and development of universities, with entrants from outside the European Union making up to 60% of those commencing on postgraduate full-time taught masters degrees. It has been estimated by Universities UK that international students contribute up to £25 billion per year to academic institutions and therefore [...]

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International Student Recruitment – welcome to the 21st century?

It continues to amaze me that though we’re almost in the third decade of the 21st C, most universities in both North America and the UK still rely on techniques that they were using 40 years ago. The market has grown hugely over the last decade or three, the world has gone completely digital, and [...]

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International Education Marketing in a Trumpian, post-Brexit world

These are challenging times for International education marketing - especially for universities in the USA and UK.  As an invisible export, the sector is worth billions, yet politicians sometimes seem blithely unaware of the effect their rhetoric can have in the big educational markets of the globe. A classic example is India. Indian postgraduate numbers [...]

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Higher education marketing trends – China should no longer be thought of as just a ‘business’ subject market

Historically, ‘business’ related subjects account for four out of the top five highest demanded Masters programmes that Chinese students opt for in North American & British universities. This can cause real problems for universities, leading them sometimes to close for China applications early, and to focus on increasing diversity with recruitment from other international markets. [...]

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This is no time to take your foot off the gas in China

The latest data from the Chinese Government shows that the number of students choosing to study abroad in 2015/16 increased by a further 5.6% over the previous year, continuing a decade-long trajectory. Will 2017 be the year when this long period of growth comes to an end? Earlier this week, Chinese President Xi was at [...]

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From short-list to firm choice – how your best Chinese student recruiters are your existing students

When I worked in car marketing, one of the most important things I learned was that the most powerful way to sell a car was to put the prospective customer in touch with existing customers. This wouldn't work for every car brand of course, but it worked for my client, Toyota - such was the level [...]

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