The New Oriental Education and Technology Group has forecast that the number of Chinese international students will increase over the next five years, peaking at up to 800,000 students annually. So what are the main reasons why Chinese students study abroad Рand particularly in the UK?

1. Access to recognised education

From Oxbridge through to the original Redbrick universities, England’s higher education institutions are well known across the world for their history, quality and academic achievement. For high-flying Chinese students wishing to position themselves for a future global career, a recognised university institution can provide a valuable boost to post-graduate employment.

2. The chance to develop cultural appreciation

Many Chinese students are keen to develop an appreciation of culture in the UK and other European countries – immersing themselves in the cultural norms, values, practices and rituals that characterise European ways of life. Again, this can give them a head start in the marketplace when it comes to seeking employment after graduation. It can be a particular advantage when seeking international jobs, where flexibility, cultural awareness and the ability to adapt are key skills for success.

3. A language advantage

There is no better way to master a language than to be immersed in it, so by studying in English, Chinese students rapidly improve their language ability and become more confident as English speakers; learning and navigating the local vernacular as well as broadening their understanding of ‘correct’ English. With English being one of the world’s most important languages for business, medicine, finance and law, this is a key advantage.

4. New contacts & relationship building

Studying abroad will give Chinese students useful new contacts for their future directions. Chinese students greatly recognise the value of networks and will invest in them, learning how to build cross-cultural relationships for the longer term. This is a vital part of Chinese business culture and a key route to success. Studying at the right university gives rapid access to a future network of fellow alumni and faculty, which can open up opportunities of different kinds.

5. Cachet

There is an undoubted cachet to studying abroad at a quality institution and for a student in China, this is an honour for the family back home. Those families who can afford to send their students abroad to do a degree will invariably have a certain social standing amongst their local business and social community.

6. The value of education

The Chinese greatly value education and choose overseas universities in order to open up all possible educational opportunities for their children. By learning in the home country and abroad, complementary and diverse experiences alike can broaden contextual understanding and help Chinese students to better understand their place in an increasingly global, complex world.

7. Jobs

Those students who graduate from an overseas institution can also often secure themselves a post-graduate role in their country of study. Their university of choice can make it easier to access local employment via university business links, placements and other opportunities that help students into suitable positions after their degree.

These reasons, and many others, explain why more Chinese students than ever before are keen – and committed – to furthering their educational journey overseas.

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